ArchViz, VR Tours, Design Services

Architectural Visualization has been my primary line of work for over a decade and a half, and I’ve continued to innovate and improve my services to suit the needs of the increasing demand of time and information from architects.

I have worked on many types of projects, ranging from small residences, apartment buildings, up to an entire island of condos in the Florida keys. Industrial buildings to industrial parks, commercial mall outlet installations to large-scale brick and mortar buildings, fast food joints to household name restaurants, and I’m always ready for new ventures.

Goals of projects can vary heavily, and I understand there’s a vast difference in needs between making a final selling image, and drafting a dozen variants for internal purposes. I pace my work according to you needs and communicate frequently to ensure milestones are being met.

An understanding of architectural documentation and fast turnarounds enables me to open up a dialogue with clients and aid the design process by producing numerous design options on the fly, even operating in-office to work directly with the team on refining and molding a design into the desired results

My work stresses photo accuracy in lighting, accurately reflecting the interactions of everything from the sun pouring through the windows to the effect of a can light projecting onto different substrates across an area. I don’t rely on dressing up scenes with unrealistic fill lights and additional splashes, everything is 100% indicative of how light may fall in reality.

If you don’t have your project’s lighting information down quite yet, I can work off of reference photos and my own past projects to approximate a potential setup. This information can be passed back forward to aid in making informed design decisions before ever having to invest in the physical build.


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