Getting outand talking shop

Autodesk Animation User's Association

I attended and presented at Chicago and Milwaukee AAUGA meetings for well over a decade, running the majority of our meetings with my mother (and business co-owner). This often entailed packing, moving, and setting up a large amount of computer equipment and giving presentations, whether it be on an upcoming preview of the latest build of 3D Studio, to giving lessons on render techniques and the possible applications of gaming technology for architects. (That last part has become a reality in the age of VR)

Events have been held everywhere from small architects’ offices, to Tribeca Flashpoint, to our own presentation space while working within Chipman Design Architecture. The local group has been on hold for a number of years, but we’re currently considering options to start the events back up.

Onlinethe internet counts, right?

Community Moderation - Facepunch Studios LTD

I served as a global moderator on the home forums of game developer Facepunch Studios from 2010 to 2016, focused primarily on the arts section, but having global powers shortly after starting. The site regularly sees traffic of 20-35,000 active registered members, largely comprised of young gamers, aspiring developers, artists and others.

My moderation style was largely in community interaction and situation handling. Over the course of my time on the site, I organized a great deal of events, from creative contests with physical prizes to a meetup for extended Chicago-area members. Despite stepping down from responsibility this past year, I’m still active as a member and still do what I can to passively improve the atmosphere.

Alpha/Beta Involvement

Whenever I find a project appealing, I’ll get involved with their communities and make contact with the developers, from providing feature feedback and requests, to reporting flaws in programming (I have a knack for breaking things, and finding how to consistently reproduce the error)

Notable games I’m involved heavily with on a community feedback side are “Guild Wars 2” [beta, 2012-release, active through present] and “Star Citizen” [alpha, 2014-present], with prior involvement in Facepunch’s own “Rust” during very early alpha, to a multitude of indie projects often through the community at Facepunch.