The Digital World

Virtual Reality and Game Content

Active ProjectUE4 | Physics-Based Space Flight


A primary portion of my architectural work this past several years has been focused on presentation through VR and AR technologies, utilizing tools like the game engine Unreal Engine 4 in conjunction with the HTC Vive.

I still hold myself up to my photographic standards for believable lighting, making full use of the systems provided within UE4 to make experiences pop

Games and Experiences

In game development, I act mostly as a second set of eyes for small developers and students learning various softwares. I’d like to get more involved in asset creation for games, and have worked on small projects with a number of colleagues in the past.

I participate heavily in alpha/beta communities and have come to build realistic expectations of development pipelines, grown to know how much I can ask of a team (but never hold back what-ifs), and come to respect the raw labor of love that goes into building games.

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