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The majority of my career has been focused on architectural renderings and integration into the design workflow. Working intimately with architects has grown my skills in interpreting documentation to provide fast turnarounds, recognize discrepancies, and occasionally provide some design insight

VR And Games

I’ve had a long-standing interest in utilizing gaming technologies to aid design and presentation in a more interactive fashion. I currently utilize VR for everything from architectural design presentations to concept review, and on occasion touch on game design collaborations with colleagues


I take a more documentarian approach, with interest in portraiture and street photography, and a bit of experience in weddings. I shoot digital with a Nikon D7000, and film on an array of cameras from a 35mm Nikon FE to a self-restored 6×6 format TLR


I’m a 3D Generalist and Digital Artist based out of the greater Chicago, IL area, willing to work whenever, wherever. My focus is spread across a number of visual arts, from accurate architectural rendering to conceptual art to photography; using the strengths I’ve gained in each industry to support the others, I keep myself flexible for a wide variety of projects and available to move about a team to aid where most needed.

While I’m still working primarily with architects, my forward aim is entertainment in the form of games and animation. These industries have been, and continue to be, inspirational driving forces in my life, and I’d love nothing more than to add my own contributions, maybe one day even inspire the next generations.

I’m currently in a fulltime contractor position, open to limited freelance/contract work on top of the current workload, keeping an eye out for long term opportunities. I’m available to work remotely, travel and operate with my own equipment in house, even change locations for the right offer.


I started with my first computer in 1989 (as a two year old, I may have needed some help reaching the keyboard). By 7, I’d already started learning 3D Studio Max, fueled by my interest in what made games work, how pencil drawings became entire movies, technological wonders like the Mind’s Eye videos (turn-of-the-90’s 3D Animation reels), and as with many others, the behemoth that was Toy Story.

By 12, I’d trained well enough to make pocket change modeling props for my mother’s business, and haven’t stopped. In the 17 years since then, I’ve grown to co-own the family business, aid in college courses on 3ds Max while still attending high school, taken part in authoring the book ‘Mastering mental ray’, and launched Blue Marble 3D, an archviz firm focused on presentation with an array of virtual reality implements, from a 4-wall projection CAVE, 3D tabletop system, to the more recognizable Oculus and Vive HMD technologies.

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